Forensic Toxicology Consulting
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Schaumburg, Illinois
Adam Negrusz, Associate Professor of Forensic Sciences, UIC
Adam Negrusz, PhD, F-ABFT

Over 33 years of experience in forensic toxicology

Forensic toxicology consulting:

 -  postmortem
 -  forensic urine drug testing (urine, hair, sweat, nails, saliva)
 -  drug-facilitated sexual assault
 -  driving under the influence
 -  veterinary toxicology (equine testing)
 -  in utero exposure to drugs of abuse
 -  and more...

In Addition...

 -  collaboration with forensic pathologist
 -  referrals to reputable forensic drug testing laboratories
 -  network of forensic toxicologists
Click here for Adam Negrusz's Education and Certifications
"All substances are poisons: there is none which is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy" - Paracelsus (1493 - 1541)
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